Designed specially for internal glass doors, equally suited for a commercial or domestic installation
Two different body shapes to match the Claustra and Quadra latchsets.
These hinges will accommodate up to 50 kilos glass weight per pair.
Boxed and packed in pairs with gaskets and fixing screws for timber or metal frame fixing.
Available in s.a.a., s.s.s. and p.s.s finshes


Made specifically to meet the high standards required by the ANSI disabled act, the floorspring is available in different strength configurations and is especially suitable for high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, airports and other high use areas
Equally suited to both internal and external doors, the floorspring can handle door weights in excess of 100 kilos
Claustra. With a round profile

Quadra. With a square profile

Both models are complemented by a matching set of hinges.
Finishes are satin anodised aluminium, satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel.
Latchsets are non handed and have a choice of different levers and keeps
Locking options include europrofile cylinder, thumbturn and one sided variations
  Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard. The range consists of the following types:
Multi panel folding for both single direction and bi-folding options.
Mono and double rail systems.
Separate panel stack away.
Single and multi panel sliding systems using both head tracks and exposed rail systems
All systems are complemented by a family of matching handles, locks and pass door options.
Developed especially for a minimal look, giving maximum glass area, the Fluxo system meets many required parameters of architects and interior designers.
Ease of installation and minimal glass preparation without the need for countersinking the glass allows flexibility in designing individual projects
The Fluxo standard accessories for doors, screens and overpanels give many different options for both commercial and domestic projects.
  Made from "inox six" grade stainless steel in the satin or polished finishes.
Round or square profiles.
Can be installed to round posts up to 50mm or to a flat surface with countersunk invisible fixing.
Glass to glass clamps for 180-135-90 degrees.
Security glass fixing pins and quality gaskets.
To fit glass sizes 10mm for all the range.
The s.s. models can also accommodate 12mm glass.
Glass to wall hinges. Two types.
Glass to glass hinges. Three types.
Shower bars. Glass to wall.
Shower bars. Glass to glass.
Glass to wall clamp.
Shower handle 225 x 19mm
Indicator locks.
Shower seals. Two types.
Door knobs. Two types.
All fittings are available in satin or polished chrome.


With over 2500 different fittings, many design variations are possible.
Used on over 250,000 glass doors every year
The full range of patch fittings, locks, and fin attachments with covers in five super finishes are available.
By bringing these two established products together we are able to offer a system of panic hardware tailored exactly for the installation of glass doors.
Each hardware doorset is made specifically by our engineers to allow easy installation on site
Used on many public buildings in the UK
Finishes: fittings are satin stainless steel; panic set is stove enameled silver
The standard patch fittings or door rail combination are available